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Guyana Rum Route

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

If rum is your chosen tipple, Guyana is a must-visit destination!

With strong cultural ties to the Caribbean, Guyana has a rich heritage of over two centuries producing some of the world’s finest rum, including the world-renowned El Dorado Rum.

Experiencing Guyana's Rum

A fascinating official Rum Route, launched in collaboration with the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Heritage Routes programme, places the treasured El Dorado spirit in the spotlight. Both day and overnight tours of the route, with options in Georgetown, Berbice and the East Coast Highway; West Coast Berbice and West Coast of Demerara, are provided by Dagron Tours and Wilderness Explorers. Activities vary depending on the length and location of your chosen tour. However, they all emphasize Guyana’s vibrant agricultural history and the role of sugarcane and rum in Guyanese culture.

As an exciting day out for rum lovers, participants can sample spectacular rum and tour the famous Demerara Distillers Ltd to see first-hand how the signature spirit is produced. As the largest supplier of bulk rums from the Caribbean to Europe and North America, Demerara Distillers is known for its rich, full-bodied and fruity rums.

The Rum Route also has options for visitors to learn the essential historical truths behind sugarcane plantations and to taste local rum-infused recipes, providing a deeper insight into Guyana’s colonial past and cultural present. If you’re new to Guyana, you’ll learn some exciting traditions, such as always sprinkling a few drops for the spirits when you open a new bottle of rum!

For more information on this great day out, please contact Dagron Tours at / 223-7921 or Wilderness Explorers at / 226-2085

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