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7 Curry Reimagined: A Seven Curry Tour with The Singing Chef

Curry is a universal dish. The aroma of spices intricately blended with each other creates a captivating yet intense sense of satisfaction with each bite. Now, imagine experiencing this in not one, but seven different ways. That's right, seven. Eon John, known locally as the Singing Chef, and partner Jessica Hatfield, owners of Singing Chef Adventures, have created an immersive, delectable seven curry experience with an exciting twist.

What is Seven Curry?

Seven curry is a traditional Indo-Guyanese delicacy prepared and served at Hindu religious functions. This dish is traditionally served inside a giant water lily leaf, and consists of seven different types of vegetarian curry, all prepared to mouth-watering perfection. Pumpkin, mango, bhajee (callaloo), baigan (eggplant/boulanger), eddoe, catahar (breadnut) and potato and channa (chickpeas) are all curried and served with your choice of rice, puri and/or dhal. Condiments such as mango/tamarind achar (pickle), pepper sauce and sometimes Indian sweet meats may also be served, depending on the function.

Eon and Jessica's seven curry itinerary is a packed one. Covering a vast six hours, both locals and international travellers will experience the entire process of preparing seven curry - from picking the water lily leaves to preparing the meal.

Once you have booked a seven curry experience, a comfortable shuttle will pick you up from your hotel at 8:00 am. Your first stop will be to gather the purine (water lily) leaves which will be plated with all the curries once the meal is prepared. An accessible and secluded spot is usually selected, where you will receive instructions on how to remove the lily leaves from their stalks. If you’re curious, you could be treated to a taste of the edible nuts found within the lilies.


Next, you’ll stop at one of Guyana’s busiest markets, Bourda.  Here, you can source many of the vegetables for the curries. Bargaining is a staple of Guyanese culture, so feel free to haggle. Sampling coconut water is also a part of the experience. Sip it straight from the shell at Buddy’s, a local vendor. Listening to Buddy’s family history in the coconut business takes just as long as you’d take to consume a coconut - short and sweet. 


Your hosts will then take you to Tony’s Puri Shop. At this local, family-owned business, you will experience the puri-making process. The four-man operation is seamless, from stuffing seasoned split peas into the dough, perfectly sizing each puri and rolling it expertly with a repurposed vodka bottle. The taste, superbly complemented by the moistness of the perfectly kneaded dough, is even better. It’s delicious, especially when topped off with fresh, local fruit juice. Locals boast that Tony currently makes the best puri in Guyana, and supplies thousands daily. See and taste for yourself.

Then it's time to go to the secret garden to cook the 7 curries. The garden is shaded with luscious fruit trees, herbs and vegetables and is a hidden gem of a location in Georgetown.

7 curry is traditionally cooked outside so you will be taken through the process of how each curry is made and learn some of the techniques from Eon John the Singing Chef

Delicious home made fruit cordial and marsala tea is served during the course of the cooking

We then introduce you to the spices used both in the 7 curry and the marsala tea. Special attention is paid to the health giving properties of the 10 different spices used.

As soon as the curries are all cooked we will all sit down together under the bamboo and coconut palm gazebo and enjoy. Photo opportunities abound as you are pictured making the curries and then eating them in your own gathered lotus leaf plate in a beautiful setting.

To finish Eon John the Singing Chef will take to the stage for your own private concert of lovingly crafted Guyanese songs

Then it is fond farewells and depart at 3 pm.

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