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Sustainable Guyana

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Guyana is the perfect destination for travellers seeking off-the-beaten-path adventures with immersion in both the wilderness and authentic, vibrant Indigenous cultures. Sustainable tourism is at the very heart of Guyana and significant effort has gone into maximising the positive socio-economic outcomes and ensuring that it furthers community development and conservation projects

It’s clear to see why it was named #1 ‘Best of Ecotourism’ destination in the world in 2019 at the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 Awards, given the array of fantastic Indigenous-owned and led eco-lodges. These lodges respect the environments in which they are built and preserve traditional methods of cooking, fishing

Photo credits: Zachary Johnston

and weaving. From the sustainable materials used to build them, to the local produce used as ingredients at mealtimes, you can rest assured knowing that your money is well spent there.

In addition to an abundance of sustainable accommodation options, several Guyanese organisations offer travellers the opportunity to get involved in a number of sustainable environmental initiatives, making a genuinely positive impact in preserving ecosystems. Whether you choose to participate in Caiman tagging and monitoring at the Field Station in Yupukari or follow in Diane McTurk’s footsteps in rehabilitating the Giant River Otters at Karanambu, it is clear to see the attraction of Guyana for conservationists and travellers seeking authentic wildlife experiences.

By taking part in experiences such as these, you will be helping to preserve indigenous traditions as well as precious wildlife in Guyana.

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