Guyana Tourism


Small Country, Epic Adventures

Welcome to Guyana – South America’s best kept secret. Pristine Atlantic beaches in the north, staggering mountain ranges to the west, rainforests bursting with life and never-ending savannahs in the south, Guyana has it all. Bordered by Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela, the country has emerged as the playground of the adventurous and the 21st-century explorers.

Although no larger than Oregon in the US, Guyana is one of the four regions in the world that makes up the Green Shield and has 18% of the world’s tropical forests. With breathtaking waterfalls, mighty rivers, unmatched wildlife and birds, Guyana is an epic adventure waiting to be experienced.

Giant Amazon Water Lily (Victoria amazonica)  LARGEST LILY
Permanent ponds in Savannah
South America
RANGE: Amazon River and floodplains of Guianas
Giant water lilies (Victoria amazonica), the national flower of Guyana
Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) & Vaquero or Cowboy
GUYANA. South America
RANGE: Central and South America
Anteater watching in the Rupununi
Kaieteur Falls 
226 Meters
Potaro River which runs into the Essequibo River
Kaieteur National Park
South America
Kaieteur Falls

Home of the Giants

Over 900 plus species of birds and 225 species of mammals – need we say more! The thick forests and river systems are home to some of the largest and most iconic animals on the planet. Jaguars, giant anteaters, capybaras, giant river otters, black caiman along with the mighty anaconda and arapaima (world’s largest scaled freshwater fish) are found in this thriving ecosystem.

The region’s outstanding animal diversity is not only matched but surpassed by more than 6,500 varieties of plants and trees that grow here. The world’s largest lily, Victoria Amazonica, reportedly large enough to support a child on its massive leaves, is also found in some of the many waterways of Guyana.

Other heart-stoppers include capuchin, red howler and black spider monkeys and a host of carnivores – puma, jaguarundi, ocelot, oncilla and many more. No matter which trail you pick, the sights and sounds of the jungle will leave you spellbound. Know More

Giant otter in Karanambu Lodge
A caiman with its kill

Adventure Unlimited

If you are proud of your adventure quotient and looking for bragging rights, then Guyana must be your next stop. At the top of your list, should be a visit to the Kaieteur Falls, one of the world’s highest and most powerful single-drop waterfalls. For those who dream of epic adventures, hike overland to Kaieteur, raft one of our many rivers, or mountain bike from Georgetown to Lethem. Prefer road trips? A 4X4 SUV or dirt bike ride across the tough terrain of the mighty Pakaraima range is a must do.

Still need to keep the heart racing? Try playing vaquero in the cattle ranches or abseiling from jaw-dropping heights. Join the birds in trees over 100 feet tall on a canopy walk or fish for piranha in the caiman infested Burro Burro River. The adventure never stops. For those who want to notch up the fun, days of jungle survival training in the remote rainforests will do the trick. Know More.

Adventure unlimited 1
Abseiling down the Kaieteur Falls
Rafting through the rapids

Meet the People

Feel at home in Guyana. Warm and friendly people across the country are happy to give an insider’s view during every interaction. During your time in Guyana, you are likely to meet friendly faces from the nine Indigenous groups (Wapishanas, Arecunas, Macushis, Warraus, Arawaks, Caribs, Akawaios, Patamonas, and Wai-Wais) in addition to East Indians, Africans, Chinese, Portuguese and other Europeans. With only 16% of the landscape occupied by the majority of the country’s population, the rest is nature’s playground!


Lifestyle in the northern part of Guyana is laid-back, with strong Caribbean vibes. In the south, people align more to their South American roots. To see these distinct cultures side-by-side is amazing. This incredible melting pot of peoples is the soul of Guyana and the reason for its amazing cuisine, music and art.

Macushi people of Guyana
meet the tribe2-cropped
Afro-Guyanese enjoying Emancipation Day celebrations
Indigenous people preparing troolie leaves for thatched roof

Endless Summer

In Guyana, it’s 365 days of summer! The temperature (rarely going above 30 C/ 86 F) is always perfect for exploration, thanks to the cool trade winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean. In the interior, the mountains and the forests help keep the temperatures down. This makes Guyana ideal for year-round adventure.

To make the most of your trip, choose between the ‘green’ and ‘dry’ seasons to match the activities that you want to do. While the dry season from October to April makes access easier, travelling from May to September has its own pull, covering the land in a million shades of green. Both the savannahs and rainforest are best during October to April for nature activities like fishing, caiman tagging and birding. For the birding enthusiasts, a trip during the wet season means that the boats can get you close to the nesting sights. That’s one close encounter no birder would ever want to miss! Know More.

North Rupununi
South America
The savannahs after the rains
It's always summer in Guyana
It's always summer in Guyana

We are closer than you think

Three hours from Miami, 5 from New York City and less than an hour from the Caribbean Islands, Guyana is closer than you think. The Cheddi Jagan International Airport in the capital is the gateway to this untouched paradise. Reaching Georgetown is hassle-free via selected international airlines that connect the country to major cities around the world.


From Georgetown’s Eugene F. Correia International Airport you can fly on small Cessnas to remote airstrips in more than 30 destinations close to the country’s main attractions. If you have more time on your hands, cruise down Guyana’s many rivers or take the various buses that crisscross the country. No matter which route you take, lush rainforests, rivers, golden savannahs and friendly faces will be your constant companions. 

Kites during Easter
Kites in Georgetown during Easter
A Cessna plane for internal connections
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