Guyana Tourism


Incredible interactions with wildlife

In Guyana, the wildlife is literally at your doorstep in most parts of the country. The country takes its moniker of ‘Land of the Giants’ seriously and offers you the rare privilege to share the space with a staggering number of birds (900+ species), mammals (225+ species), fish (1000+ species) and amphibians (814+ species). Extraordinary surprises and superlatives lie around every bend – largest rodent (capybara) and largest scaled freshwater fish (arapaima) are just two of them.

The tropical rainforest canopies and massive savannahs offer the chance to see jaguars, giant anteaters, giant river otters, stealthy caimans and unusual animals like tapirs, labbas, agoutis, armadillos and saki, spider and howler monkeys. Tracking the animals is one of the most exhilarating experiences as you walk along nature trails or silently glide down rivers on canoes, eyes glued to the thick foliage. Amongst the many natural treasures of Guyana, wildlife takes top spot. 


Giant river otter

SAVE Travel

An increasing number of visitors are coming to Guyana who seek out learning opportunities and close interaction with the nature, culture and local people to create positive impacts and lifelong bonds. The sustainable management of tourism development in Guyana is of vital interest to the SAVE (Scientific, Academic, Volunteer and Educational) travel market. Communities and establishments such as Iwokrama, Rewa and Yupukari (Caiman House) offer these experiences. 

Black caiman
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