Guyana Tourism

Standards & Policies

Standards & Policies

Guyana’s Travel and Tourism Industry is guided by well-informed policies that ensure that guidelines are adhered to and communicate the need for sustained operational quality and emphasis on the need to achieve desired outcomes.


Tourism Guidelines & Standards

Standards are voluntary guidelines which provides tourism businesses with requisite criteria to allow for the standardization of services offered to the public. To have a better understanding of industry standards adopted by the Authority, please review these below:

Guyana National Bureau of Standards:  Tourism-related standards such as the Bed and Breakfast Standard are available for a fee. Kindly reference their catalogue for additional information.

Visitor Guidelines for Sustainable Travel

Global Sustainable Tourism Council Industry Criteria

GSTC-Recognized Standards for Hotels and Tour Operators

GSTC-Recognized Standards for Destinations

Tourism Strategic Action Plan

The Department of Tourism and Guyana Tourism Authority have developed a living Guyana Tourism Strategic Action Plan: 2018-2025. The plan is informed by the Green State Development Strategy and input from governmental departments, the tourism private sector, civil society and community leaders. The plan is designed to be dynamic and is continuously evolving based on changing circumstances and priorities, lessons learned, resource availability, and stakeholder input. It provides an overview of the strategic goals, objectives, and activities, and key performance indicators to guide the sustainable development of tourism through 2025.

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