Guyana Tourism

Canopy walk at Atta Lodge

Guide To Birdwatching

A bird watching trip t0 Guyana is exciting and memorable for birdwatchers,  however,  planning ahead can make the trip even better. Here are some important tips to plan a hiccup-free trip.


Best Time for Birding   

The best time to travel to Guyana for birding is immediately after the two rainy seasons (September to early December and January to late April). This is the most vibrant time, as the vegetation is refreshed, and access is easy on dry roads. During the monsoons (December and late Apri to August), it is difficult to travel to remote locations and you can expect to spend hours on commute. Labouring through the rainy season may well be worth it when you see fascinating nesting sites via slim boats in the mangroves and between the thick foliage.



Limited internet and phone connectivity in the interiors makes the booking and payment process challenging for international travellers. It is best to be connected to on-ground agents who can do this on your behalf, so payments can be consolidated. They are regularly in touch with lodges, experience providers and guides to ensure that your trip is smooth. It is also best to book ahead in time to ensure you secure best hotels, lodges and availability of guides as well.


Guides and Naturalists

Hiring guides and naturalists with the help of your on-ground booking agent is important, so you can get a slot with the best of them. All eco-lodges employ locals who have been involved with research and conservation and know fascinating details about the birds. Besides, this is a great time to interact with local Amerindians who bring their unique brand of anecdotes as well as local knowledge.


Equipment and Clothing

The weather in Guyana is a constant hot and humid, which makes your packing list a bit easy. Breathable clothes and shoes, though in full length, are recommended. Carry mosquito repellants and sun protection including caps, hats and sunscreen for protection. Binoculars, cameras and at least two pairs of batteries, dull coloured clothing, a light jacket for early mornings and a rain jacket for unexpected showers should be carried.

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