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Witness untamed wildlife in the rainforests

North Rupununi offers many travellers their first glimpse of the incredible untouched rainforests of Guyana. Hop between community-owned and operated eco-lodges located throughout the forested landscape, or find yourself in the middle of golden savannahs within just a few kilometres. Slow down and match rhythms to the beat of village life as you explore winding nature trails and enjoy the region’s pristine views and vibrant culture. At night, you can retreat to one of the naturally built accommodations, or get your hammock out and spend it below the Milky Way!


The iconic eco-lodges of North Rupununi will make you irreversibly fall in love with Guyana. The varied scenery and wildlife attractions in each lodge gives you ample reason to experience several of them during a single trip. Karanambu Lodge offers a peek into life of Diane McTurk, the legendary river otter conservationist. Caiman House’s caiman tagging river trips in Yupukari are a real adrenaline rush and educational at the same time, while the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway found at Atta Lodge is a must-do for all birdwatchers.

A short distance down Atta Lodge is the Iwokrama River Lodge where you can experience hiking the breathtaking Turtle Mountain.  Surama and Rewa Eco-Lodges are based on community driven tourism, where the indigenous villagers manage and operate all tourism activities. More than anything else, both amateur nature lovers and seasoned wildlife enthusiasts will relish learning from the “PhD’s of the forest”.

Atta Lodge
Atta Lodge

Village life in the Rupununi

Ever tried eating crunchy farine made of cassava, caught a fish using a bow and arrow, or slept in a hammock? If not, then this is your chance to check these off your bucket list. Bring along your hammock and experience local life in the villages. Stay in breezy benabs (thatched huts), dig into steamy pepper pots or stroll around villages to experience the relaxed life of Rupununi. You can witness the locals engage in craft making, cassava bread making or even visit a village farm.  Of course, you can add a little action with nature trails, hikes or just a swim in a creek to cool off. 

It’s amazing how the simple villages of Rupununi offer such a spectacular and unforgettable experience. However, permission from the village should be sought before you enter.

Village Life in Rupununi
Village life in Rupununi
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