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The hinterland of Guyana with its expansive primary rainforest and rugged mountain ranges, is the main draw for visitors to the country. Incredible wildlife majestic jungles, remote forests, rugged terrain and faraway villages all add a sense of mysticism to the land. This region of the world is ideal for intrepid travellers longing to explore the jungle on foot, canoe down the seldom-travelled rivers or cross the vast golden savannahs on an epic 4X4 safari drive. With surprises around every bend, Guyana is where your next adventure lies.


Guyana is blessed with four extraordinary mountains ranges. Rising 9,200 feet above sea level and shrouded in clouds, the flat top Mount Roraima makes you feel on top of the world. Geologically part of the Guiana Shield, the Pakaraima Mountains on the western edge of Guyana is the point of origin for many rivers, which form some of the most picturesque waterfalls. The Pakaraimas also offer the perfect setting for one of the most epic 4X4 expeditions in the world! Adventurers from across the globe visit the region to drive their 4X4 vehicles on week-long safaris across this diverse terrain. The adventurous days are perfectly complemented by the calm and tranquil nights, filled only by the sounds of nature around you and stories of some of the villages you meet along the way. 

The dense green rainforest of the Iwokrama Mountains make up the heart of Guyana’s highland region. When exploring, you never know what wildlife you will come face to face with – so remain alert! The 3000-foot tall Kanuku Mountains in the south is one of the best place to go wildlife spotting in Guyana’s Rupununi.  With more than 150 mammals and a bewildering number of birds, the Wapishana name of Kanuku, meaning ‘forest’, truly suits these mountains.


Kanuku Mountains
Kanuku Mountains


The majestic Kaieteur Falls will leave you awestruck. For most people is the highlight of their trip to Guyana! Following the course of the Potaro River, the Falls tumbles down 741 feet. Almost five times as tall as Niagara and twice as tall as Victoria Falls, Kaieteur is considered to be one of the most powerful single drop waterfalls in the world.  That is why it has been rated #2 in the World’s Top 100 Highest Rated Waterfalls list. Your journey with Kaieteur Falls starts with an aerial view as your aircraft circles over the Falls and National Park before landing. The short nature trail with three vantage points affords you breathtaking views of the Falls, each better than the last and all a part of a one-in-a-lifetime experience. For these seeking a little more adventure, you can never go wrong with the 4-5-day overland trek to the Falls.


Orinduik Falls in the Pakaraimas is a wide, multi-tiered series of cascades. The Ireng River on the border with Brazil comes thundering over red jasper rock terraces making an impressive waterfall, one that is a highlight of any trip to the interior.


Located in the Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region and considered to be the sister waterfall to Kaieteur, Kumarau Falls has a spectacular sheer drop of 620 feet. Other spectacular falls include the 525-foot King George VI Falls and Amaila Falls, which drops over a series of cascades totaling around 1,200 feet.


 Orinduik Falls
Orinduik Falls
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