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Georgetown City Tour

Georgetown is Guyana’s capital, on South America’s North Atlantic coast. The city is culturally connected to the English-speaking Caribbean region and home to British colonial architecture, including the tall, Gothic-style St. George's  Cathedral. A clock tower rises above Stabroek Market, popular for local goods. The Guyana National Museum traces the country's history, not forgetting the immortal Bourda Cricket Ground which has played host to iconic cricket matches 


St George's Cathedral

This Gothic wonder is the world's tallest wooden church, offering stunning architecture and a peek into Guyana's religious history.


National Park

This urban oasis offers a refreshing break on your city tour. Explore its lawns, perfect for a leisurely stroll or picnic. You might even spot some local birds and remember to feed the manatees. 


I Love Guyana Sign

This colorful landmark is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. It's a great place to show your love for Guyana and grab a memorable picture during your Georgetown city tour.


Giant Leatherback Turtle Monument

Spot a giant hatchling on your Georgetown city tour! The Guyana Marine Turtle Monument features a sculpture of a newly-hatched leatherback turtle, a nod to Guyana's precious marine life. It's a great reminder of the country's commitment to conservation and a fun photo opportunity!


Umana Yana

This towering, cone-shaped benab (thatched hut) is a masterpiece of Wai-Wai craftsmanship. Built entirely with natural materials and traditional techniques, it's a window into Guyana's indigenous heritage and a must-see for any culture buff!


Main Street

Immerse yourself in the heart of Georgetown on Main Street! This vibrant avenue throbs with the city's energy. Browse unique shops, savor delicious Guyanese cuisine at cafes and restaurants, and admire the beautifully preserved colonial buildings lining the street. 


Hibiscus Craft Plaza

This haven for local artisans offers a treasure trove of Guyanese crafts. Find everything from hand-woven baskets and intricate wood carvings to vibrant paintings and locally-made jewelry.


The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

 This impressive structure is the leading Catholic church in Guyana, showcasing Romanesque architecture. Admire its grandeur and step inside for a peaceful escape amidst the city's buzz.



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