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How To Get Here 

Direct connectivity to Guyana from North America is available year-round from the United States (New York and Miami), Canada (Toronto), and several South American and Caribbean countries, including Barbados, Panama, Suriname, and Trinidad & Tobago. The flights land at Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Timheri or Eugene F. Correia International Airport, 41 and 11 kilometres outside Georgetown. Most connections from Europe are routed through Barbados, Miami, New York, St Lucia or Suriname through Trans Guyana Airways connections. Find a handy list below for the closest accessible option.

United States of America
Miami                                             American Airlines
                                                      Caribbean Airlines (1 hour stop in Trinidad)
                                                      Surinam Airways
Houston, Texas                                 United Airlines (commencing in April 2024)
New York (JFK)                                 American Airlines
                                                        Caribbean Airlines (non-stop or 1-hour stop in Trinidad)

Fort Lauderdale & Orlando                Caribbean Airlines (1 hour stop in Trinidad) - Seasonal Flights
Toronto                                            Caribbean Airlines (1 hour stop in Trinidad)
                                                      Canada Jetlines
                                                      Fly Allways

Barbados                                        Caribbean Airlines
                                                      Surinam Airways
Dominica                                         SkyHigh                                                          
Panama                                           Copa Airlines
                                                       Fly Allways
Suriname                                          Surinam Airways
                                                       Trans Guyana Airways (to Eugene F. Correia International Airport)
Trinidad & Tobago                             Caribbean Airlines
United Kingdom                                 British Airways via St Lucia
If you prefer to travel overland or via waterways, consider options adjoining Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela, which are connected by ferry and road.

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