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MailOnline Enters Uncharted Jungle River

‘The biggest threat to us animal-wise will be stingray. Shuffle your feet on the river bed, don’t step!’ our fiercely astute expedition leader, former SAS officer Ian Craddock, told us. The threat of freshwater stingray wasn’t something I was expecting

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25 of the World’s Most Magical Jungle Adventures

Jungles can be magical places. Unforgettable memories come instantly to mind. Sifaka lemurs dancing across the forest floor in Madagascar; a giant silverback gorilla cradling his infant offspring in the mountains of Uganda; shafts of sunlight, like spotlights on a

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Journey To A Lost World

Jamie Lafferty reports on the 40-year anniversary of the Jonestown massacre, and it’s likely some so-called “dark tourists” will have chartered planes to  try to visiting the old Peoples Temple site. “There’s really nothing there — just jungle,” says Kenneth. “Really,

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Guyana Plans to Focus on Community Tourism

The Guyana Tourism Authority says it has been laying the groundwork to support a push to promote community tourism in Guyana. The agency’s director, Brian Mullis, highlighted several primary objectives, including raising the profile of the organization, undertaking a needs

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Miami Adds Direct Flights to Guyana

Now travellers will be able to fly directly from Miami to Guyana and Colombia,  American Airlines and Viva Air respectively. AA will offer a 6 p.m. flight from Miami to Georgetown, Guyana on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Return flights will

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Tourism authority supporting community tourism

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Brian Mullis says the agency has been laying the groundwork to stabilise community tourism in Guyana. This is being done through several primary objectives by the agency, which includes raising the profile of

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