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Guyana has to offer all different kinds of locations to suit your filming needs. Filming in Guyana can be easily accomplished once all the prerequisites are fulfilled. This document serves as a guide to potential individuals or companies that are interested in filming in Guyana.

All individuals or companies that are interested in filming in Guyana are required to secure the necessary permission from relevant authorities and management. These may include but not limited to (depending on locations and activities):

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA)
  • Protected Areas Commission (Filming at Kaieteur National Park)
  • Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs or Village Council (Amerindian Villages)
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Fisheries (Filming of Arapaima Fish)
  • Property Management of the Cathedral (Filming of St. George’s Cathedral)
  • Transport and Harbours Department (Filming of Lighthouse)
  • Demerara Harbour Bridge Management (Filming of Demerara Harbour Bridge)
  • Georgetown Mayor and City Council (Filming of Stabroek Market, etc)

N.B. The GTA should be copied in all correspondences sent to the relevant authorities. This is critical as the GTA, the facilitator will work with the sister agencies to ensure the necessary permits are issued in a timely manner.


Film Application Process

All individuals or companies must complete an EPA application form seeking permission to film in Guyana whether it is for research or just simply to film an activity, attraction or event.

N.B. EPA application must be completed ONLINE using the online system referred to as the National Biodiversity Research Information System (NBRIS) for the submission and processing of all applications.

Registration– Access the online system at the following URL: The first step of the online application process is to register. The EPA will then decide whether or not to approve or disapprove said registration. After submission of registration, you will receive an email asking you to confirm said registration. Ensure that this is done.

Submission of Application– Once approval is obtained, the applicant then proceeds with filling out the application by signing on back to the account they would have created on the site. When all sections of the application are filled, the ‘Final Submit’ button should be clicked.

Please be advised that the online system is set to ‘Time Out’ in thirty (30) minutes if no activity is being done on the application. It is advised that all the information is at hand before proceeding to fill out the application.

Payment of Fees– Before processing of an application can begin; applicants are required to pay the required fees. The application fee is US$ 75. However, applications that are made in less than three months prior to the commencement of filming require a late application fee of US$ 40. The Permit fee is paid when the Permit is uplifted.

Processing of Application– Once the application fees are paid, the application is then submitted to the National Biodiversity Committee-Applications subcommittee (NBC- ASC) for review. After the review process, comments are compiled and posted on the application.

Application Approval– Applications are approved once all the comments from the NBC-ASC have been addressed. The Permit is then prepared for issuance. Please note that applicants are required to come into the EPA to pay a fee of US 750 and uplift their Permits.

The table below outlines the EPA’s Fee Structure.


For additional information on Remittances in U.S. or Canadian dollars or British Pounds, contact:

The Guyana Tourism Authority
Phone Number: 592-219 0094, 592-219 0095, or 592-219 0096
Email address:


Country Manager:  Ian Cooper
Phone Number: 592-225-9222
Fax Number: 592-225-9309



Film Application Process

The GTA film application (form attached) must be completed and submitted at least one

(1) month prior to arrival in Guyana. Submission of the required information and documents to the GTA will allow for film companies and individuals to be guided to the relevant authorities for permits, etc.

Below are details on submitting the GTA film application:

  1. Submit a complete filming application form to the GTA along with the following documentation:
    • Synopsis of film project
    • Itinerary
    • Film Equipment List (item description, serial number, quantity, unit cost and total cost) MUST be submitted at least seven (7) days prior to
    • Copy of Insurance for Equipment/Personnel especially in the case of high risk filming e.g. free climbing Mount Roraima, abseiling Kaieteur Falls,
    • Background on Film Company, network to be aired, timelines for airings and network viewership/household reach of
    • Flight details for crew and equipment and bio data information for
    • These documents can be submitted by email to or Fax to 592 219

N.B. There is NO application fee currently charged by the Guyana Tourism Authority.

  1. A temporary import license is granted for the film equipment and it is understood that the equipment must leave Guyana upon completion of the filming (3 months or less). The Guyana Tourism Authority will assist to expedite this process with the Guyana Revenue Authority by providing an endorsement letter. However, you may be required to retain the services of a Custom Broker at your
  2. There are no incentives (except temporary importation of equipment).
  3. A letter of support and/or endorsement from the Guyana Tourism Authority will be issued after Applicant has satisfactorily vetted and has complied with the

N.B. Due to Guyana’s expansive landscape and remoteness of film locations, GTA highly recommends the use of local tour operators to handle all travel logistics.


Film Application Process

Submit letter with supporting documents to the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner via   email   at   or and   copy   same  to to request permission to film at Kaieteur National Park.

For film companies interested in filming restricted areas of Kaieteur, a formal request must be made to PAC by the team and must be inclusive of the names of the travel party, the expected date of the visit and any other pertinent information. This request can be made via email to the above mentioned addresses.

  • Adequate notice must be given prior to the commencement of

For film companies interested in abseiling in Kaieteur National Park, a more detailed process has to be followed. Below are details on this process:

  1. Formal letter of request along with proposal outlining the details of the activity with infrastructural requirements, safeguards that will be put in place and emergency measures in case of an accident must be submitted to the PAC’s Office
  2. If permission is granted, the company will be required to sign a document taking responsibility for any injuries to persons and damage to property and waiving the Commission’s liability for all
  3. There is also a flat Tour Guide Fee of GY $4,500 for the group and Landing Fee of GY $3,000 per person, which can be purchased at the PAC’s Office at the National Park in Georgetown.

Mr. Thadaigh Baggallay can be contacted on telephone numbers 592 227 1888 or 227 2265 or email for alternative sites for abseiling in Kaieteur National Park.

N.B. Permission from PAC for any film activities will not be granted if companies do not seek the necessary EPA Permit.


Film Application Process

Submit a letter to the respective Village Council requesting permission to enter the village.

Once you obtain a letter of approval from the communities for e.g. Rewa or Surama, the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples Affairs permit will be issued quickly.

See application form attached which  must  be  completed  per  person  and  submitted to and copied  to  Secretary,  Ms.  Shoma  Shalini  at


Film Application Process

Submit a letter requesting permission to film the Arapaima Fish to the Fisheries Department at Please see contact list for details.


Film Application Process

Submit a letter requesting permission to film the cathedral to the Management of the Cathedral. Please see contact list for details.


Film Application Process

Submit a letter requesting permission to film the Lighthouse to the General Manager of the TH&D. Please see contact list for details.


Film Application Process

Submit a letter requesting permission to film the Harbour Bridge to the General Manager at


Film Application Process

Submit a letter requesting permission to film the Stabroek Market to the Georgetown Mayor and City Council. Please see contact list for details.


Work Permits are not required once the company is not working for a local company and as such, is not paid by any local company for work completed.

To determine whether any personnel require a visa, check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at; alternatively you can request a copy of the document from the Guyana Tourism Authority.

For individuals that require a visa, an application (form attached) can be submitted to Immigration upon entry into Guyana.

The personnel will need to have the following documents:

  1. Letter requesting visa on arrival
    • Letter should indicate the reason (s) for requesting visa on arrival
    • Duration of stay while in Guyana
  2. Document with filming information
  3. Letter from Employer with Company Information
  4. Copy of Bio data page in passport
  5. One passport size photograph


Operators or owners of drones are required to notify the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). The letter to GCAA should include the following:

  1. Purpose of drone operations
  2. Area of intended operations
  3. The specific time
  4. Satellite locations (the geographic latitude and longitude pinned on a Google map is advised).

A similar letter should also be addressed to the Minister of Public Security with attention to the Commissioner of Police requesting drone security clearance.

N.B. To fast track the permit process the Operator/Owner permits (if applicable) from EPA, PAC and GTA should be attached.

For any questions on drone operations you can contact Capt. Christine Marcus via email at or Mr. Bentick at


Environmental Protection Agency, Ganges Street, Sophia Georgetown, Guyana
Telephone: Switchboard 225-5467-69/225-5471-72-225-6044/48 Fax: (592) 225-5481

Guyana Tourism Authority National Exhibition Center Sophia, Georgetown Guyana.
Tel:     592 219 0094-6
Fax:    592 219 0093
Email: Web:

Protected Areas Commission, National Park, Thomaslands, Georgetown
Tel: 592 226 7974/227-1888/1903/2265 ; Web:
Facebook: Protected-Areas-Commission/

251-252 Quamina & Thomas Sts., South Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana
Tel: 592 227 5067, 223 7285, 225 8416, 225 6644
Fax: 592 223 1616
Email: Web:

Ministry of Agriculture
Regent & Shiv Chanderpaul Drive Georgetown, Guyana
Tel: 592 225- 9559/ 9552
Facebook: fisheriesdepgy

Office: 592 231-6150 /226 3862
Facebook: St. George’s Cathedral Guyana

Transport and Harbours Department, Battery Road Kingston,
Georgetown, Guyana Tel: 592 226 9871
Fax:  592 227 8545

Demerara Harbour Bridge,
Peters Hall, East Bank Demerara
Tel: 592 223 7007
Fax: 592 233 7009
Facebook: HarbourBridgeGY

Regent Street & Avenue of the Republic Georgetown.
Tel: 592 225 1159
Fax: 592 227 1050
Facebook: MayorAndCityCouncil

Department of Citizenship and Immigration Ministry of the Presidency,
164 Waterloo Street, Georgetown
Tel: 592 223 7867

Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), 73 High Street, Kingston
Georgetown, Guyana.
Tel: (592)-225-6822
Fax: (592)-225-6800

Ministry of Public Security
6 Brickdam, Georgetown, Guyana Tel: (592) 226-1717
Fax: (592) 227-4806

Young St., Eve Leary Georgetown, Guyana Tel: (592) 225-6411
Fax: (592) 123-4567

Date of Application (required)

Company Name (required)

Mailing Address

Contact Person 1 / Position: (required)

Contact Person 2 / Position: (required)

Email/Phone: (required)

Email/Phone: (required)

Production Title: (required)

Production Title: (required)
Film ShootVideo ShootLive BroadcastStill Photoshoot

Production Type: (required)
DocumentaryTV PilotTV SeriesTV RealityEvent CoverageCataloguePrint AdMagazine LayoutNews ProgramTravel ArticleUniversity Film Course/ResearchFeature Film/Motion PictureShort Film (<40mins)TV CommercialMusic VideoOther

Networks To Be Aired:

Timeline of airing:

Pre-Production Dates:

Production Dates:

Proposed Production Location: (required)
KaieteurRewaSuramaIwokramaGeorgetownEssequibo RiverOther
Production Audience:

Production Reach:

Estimated Guyana Budget Breakdown

Accommodations (Hotels/ Property Rentals)

Transportation (Vehicle Rentals/Taxis/Local flights/fuel)

Telecommunications (Phone & Internet Services)

Meals (Restaurant/ Craft Services)

Film Permits (Locations)

Local employment (crew and actors)

Other Goods and Services


Guyana Arrival Date(s) / Port of Entry (list all entry points if using more than one)

# of Prep Days in Guyana:

# of Shooting Days in Guyana:

# of Wrap Days in Guyana:

Guyana Departure Date(s) / Port of Departure (list all departure points if using more than one)

Attach copy (ies) of Insurance Policy (ies) that cover filming while in Guyana.

Policy(ies) submitted:

Guyanese Tour Operator/ Producer / Fixer:

Contact Info:

Guyanese Personnel: Attach list of all crew positions that you expect to hire in Guyana with est. nos.
Non-Guyanese Personnel: Attach list of all Non-Guyanese Personnel entering country. List should include: Names, Crew Positions, Nationality, Passport Numbers and Travel/ flight info. USE TEMPLATE ATTACHED.

Attach list of equipment for temporary importation of equipment status. List should include qty, description, serial numbers and value. If equipment will be coming in on separate flights or shipments, please send separate lists that match each airline flight or cargo entry. USE TEMPLATE ATTACHED.

Port of Entry:

Date of Entry:

Flight/Vessel No.:

Port of Exit:

Date of Exit:

Flight/Vessel No.:

Method of Importation:

Excess BaggageOverlandAir CargoSea Cargo

N.B. Film List should be submitted to the Guyana Tourism Authority 7 days prior to arrival in Guyana.

Attach list of incoming vehicles along with make, model, year, license plate number and bluebook value.
Please note that only vehicles and equipment not readily available in Guyana will be approved.

Port of Entry:

Additional Permits will be required for the following. Please indicate if you are bringing any items below:

Communications Equipment that require frequencies (Satellite Radios etc.)Animal/Animal OriginPlants/Plant OriginFoodSpecial Safety EquipmentSpecial Safety EquipmentNo I am not bringing anything that requires special permission.

If yes, attach list of equipment for temporary importation of equipment status. List should include quantity, description, serial numbers and value. If equipment will be coming in on separate flights or shipments, please send separate lists that match each airline flight or cargo entry. USE TEMPLATE ATTACHED.

Proposed Method of Importation:

1. The services of a Guyanese Tour Operator / Producer / Fixer have been retained for the length of Applicant’s stay in Guyana to handle (or assist) with oversight of the production while in Guyana. This role is not to be confused with that of a production assistant, driver, hotel manager, tour guide or interview subject.
2. Project content has been determined to not be detrimental to the image of the country of Guyana or its’ people.
3. Whenever feasible, and having due regard to the extent to which prices are competitive, Applicant is using personnel, equipment and any other service available in Guyana.
4. Since Guyana is a fledgling destination, it needs all the assistance that can be garnered for marketing and promotion to be recognized worldwide. Therefore the Guyana Tourism Authority is to be provided with the following:
a. Still photographs
b. B-roll video for non-commercial destination/ tourism productions and Educational videos
c. A three (3) minutes production for destination (negotiable).

5. Credit must be given to the Guyana Tourism Authority as a facilitator.
6. Guyana must feature prominently in the film credits and/ or screen location mentioned.
7. Whenever feasible, Guyana must be mentioned in the promotion of the production.
8. The GTA Office has received the following items in a timely fashion. (7 days before arrival)
a.) A complete list of all Non-Guyanese Personnel arriving in Guyana (see section IV).
b.) A complete list of all the incoming equipment (see sections III and V).
c.) A complete list of any other incoming items for production (see sections VI and VII).
9. The Guyana Tourism Authority MUST receive a list of all the locations to be used in the shoot and a copy of the permissions obtained BEFORE SHOOTING/FILMING COMMENCES.

1. All filming requests for permits or location uses for other Guyana Government departments or statutory bodies are to be filtered through the Guyana Tourism Authority first.
2. All Equipment used and all activities associated with filming shall comply with Guyana Environmental Protection Act and any other applicable law of Guyana.
3. Applicants and their crew shall observe all the Laws of Guyana during their stay in Guyana.
4. Filming activities are to be carried out with consideration for members of the local community at all times (in particular those directly affected by filming activities) and only as stipulated in the location approval (s) by the Guyana Tourism Authority.
5. At the conclusion of filming, Applicant will be expected to repair all damage, remove all rubbish and restore the location to its original condition prior to filming and to the satisfaction of the Environmental Protection Agency, Guyana Tourism Authority, Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Protected Areas Commission and any other relevant authorities.

6. For visa application procedures, please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at to determine whether any personnel requires a visa or alternatively you can request a copy of the document from the Guyana Tourism Authority. For individuals that require a visa, an application should be submitted to Immigration upon entry into Guyana.
7. The Guyana Tourism Authority MUST be aware of the date and port of entry for all crew and equipment arriving in Guyana. You may be required to retain the services of a Customs Broker (at your own cost) for clearance of equipment and goods through Customs on arrival.
8. A copy of relevant documents issued is to be kept on set at all times and made available for inspection upon request by local authorities.
9. Recognition/ Acknowledgment should be given when possible to the Guyana Tourism Authority in production credits.
10. The Guyana Tourism Authority may conduct still photography for promotional use during filming.
11. One copy of the finished product (e.g. screener, magazine, catalogue,) is to be forwarded to the Guyana Tourism Authority for our archives.

error: Protected content!! Please contact Guyana Tourism Authority if you need access to any of it.