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Baganara Island Resort

Experience Baganara Island Resort in a Day or Longer with Evergreen Adventures

Relax and unwind in an atmosphere of serene simplicity perfectly juxtaposed with a taste of elegance. Perched in the middle of the Essequibo River, Baganara Island Resort is one of Guyana’s most exotic tropical paradises. With an expansive landscape and neighbouring islands in close proximity, Baganara should be on every traveller’s to-do list. So, after a tough week in the office or an exhilarating experience within the rainforests of Guyana, consider decompressing and getting reinvigorated at this classic Essequibo lodge. From the well-manicured lawns to the white sand beach and the inviting sound of the waves – what’s not to love?


Baganara Island Resort
Baganara Island Resort


Getting There

The island’s blissful atmosphere has allowed it to become a staple destination getaway among locals and visitors alike. What’s even better is that getting there is easy. A twenty-minute flight from Eugene F. Correia International Airport directly to Baganara’s private airstrip is the fastest route. For the more adventurous travelers, an hour taxi drive from Georgetown will take you to Parika, the gateway to the Essequibo coastlands. From here you can board a public passenger speed boat to Bartica, which usually takes approximately two hours. Punctuality is key, and departure from Bartica to Baganara is usually at 10:30 AM so it is ideal that you and your party arrive well before to board the designated boat(s). Alternatively, you can opt to take a private boat, which will reduce your travel time by almost an hour.


Activities on Island

On arrival, you will be served ice cold Lime Squash – Baganara’s signature drink made of fresh lime juice. Following a delectable lunch filled with local cuisine, you can explore the island and discover hidden gems or lounge on the beach, soaking up the sun. It’s your call. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can opt for a water skiing session, fishing, or a peaceful nature walk. Here, you will have a chance to spot wildlife or simply examine the flora or bird-watchsome of the local bird species such as kiskadees and blue sakis, among others. Or if you want to stimulate your competitive spirit, why not enjoy a game of volleyball? The choices are numerous, guaranteeing your stay will be action packed or leisure-filled.


Birdwatchers @ Baganara Island Resort
Birdwatchers @ Baganara Island Resort

As your day winds down, take advantage of the resort’s well-stocked bar. Local and international beverages are available for your individual tastes. Take a sip of your favourite drink as you relax in the gazebo overlooking the Essequibo River. Around 3:30pm, when it’s time to leave, you will be escorted back to the boat that will return you to the Bartica stelling. From here you can make your journey back to Parika and onward to Georgetown. But why depart, when you can stay overnight and make the most of your time in this beautiful paradisiacal sanctuary?


Other Activities

With 15 rooms equipped with all the modern amenities, your stay will mirror a home away from home experience. Each room overlooks the river and has a veranda. Additionally, all-inclusive packages such as overnighting, weekend stays or longer, all have flexible rates and special prices for locals and CARICOM nationals.


Baganara also independently hosts a number of other exciting events. Set up tours to the Marshall Falls – an unbelievably exquisite site, perfect for nature lovers in search of unique experiences. Or opt to visit the indigenous community of Falmouth, meet some of the locals and learn about their way of life. Outings to Parrot Island and other attractions are available as well.


Baganara Island Resort
The serenity of Baganara Island Resort


This tranquil getaway doubles as a venue for corporate meetings and retreats. Close that huge business deal, retain that one elusive client in fine style, or host your next corporate team building activity at Baganara.  The programming can be tailored to suit your needs.


From kayaking to sunbathing, birding and even business getaways, Baganara Island resort has got you covered!


Evergreen Adventures also boasts an exciting Kaieteur Falls and Baganara Island Tour. Travellers can experience the best of Guyana’s beauty all in one day with this full package tour that combines the majestic Kaieteur Falls with the blissful island of Baganara.


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