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Hikes & Treks

Guyana’s mountains, rainforests and golden savannahs make up the ideal landscape for some of the most amazing hikes and treks you will find in South America. If you are an experienced hiker, try the more challenging ones like Makarapan Mountain or the Kaieteur Overland Tour. For those who want similar experiences but with less grit, then Guyana has got you covered with more soft adventure hikes like the Iwokrama Forest Trail, Surama nature hike and Saddle Mountain trail.

4x4 Safaris

Guyana, the "Land of Giants," beckons with its vast rainforests, towering mountains, and endless savannahs. And what better way to explore this untamed beauty than on a thrilling 4x4 safari? Buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable adventure as we delve into the untamed wilderness of Guyana.

South Rupununi Safari
North Pakaraima Mountain Safari
Moraikabai Safari
Epic Savannah Drive
Bartica Safari

River Adventures

Guyana, a land where mighty rivers snake through emerald rainforests and vast savannahs, beckons the adventurous soul. Embark on an unforgettable journey as we explore the exhilarating possibilities of river adventures in Guyana.

 Sport Fishing

The moniker of ‘Land of Many Waters’ is especially relevant for anglers who travel in search of the world’s largest fish. Guyana has over 900 species of fish, including the largest scaled freshwater fish in the world - the arapaima - and scores of others like the payara, pacu, tarpon, bashu, chimara and lukanani. Fishing for most of these, especially protected species like the arapaima, is strictly catch and release in Guyana.

Key Sport Fishing Regions

Cast your line during one of the two main fishing seasons – February to April and September to November – for a good catch. The Essequibo River, Kurupukari River, Abary River, Mahaica River, Simoni Pond, Luri Creek, Rewa River, Apoteri River and Burro Burro River are among the most popular fishing locations in Guyana. The village of Rockstone and eco-lodges such as Rewa, Surama, Caiman House, and Warapoka are some of the more popular lodges for sportfishing.

Sport Fishing Checklist

Guyana is home to a large array of fish and many of them are on the checklist for sport fishing enthusiasts. Indigenous Peoples are among the best fishermen to help you locate the species you wish to catch.  The top of this list is the arapaima . Native to the areas of the Rewa and Rupununi Rivers, many come to Guyana for sustainable catch and release fishing for this species. Some of the other main ones are:


Eco-Lodges & Resorts for Sport Fishing

Eco-lodges like Rewa Eco-Lodge, Warapoka Guest House and Surama Eco-Lodge, with its proximity to the Burro Burro River, are the closest to Guyana’s waterways and make the most popular spots for sport fishing in Guyana. The village Rewa lies in the middle of a pristine forest on its namesake river in the middle of the country. Both Surama and Warapoka also offer great access to rivers and creeks close by and guides that can help you make that big catch. Caiman House on the Rupununi River and Apoteri, an indigenous village that lies just a 20-minute boat ride from Rewa, are also popular fishing spots.

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