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Eco-Lodges & Resorts

With its large and diverse array of birds, Guyana is often on the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ destinations list for serious birders all over the world.  The eco-lodges situated on the outskirts of the forests or in the middle of grasslands make for great access to birding locations. Along with that, many of them have local naturalists on staff, who can not only tell you biological facts about the birds and their habitat but are full of local lore on what makes these birds important to the natives of the land. Here are some of the best eco-lodges and resorts in the country.


Atta Lodge

Atta Lodge lies at the edge of the Iwokrama Forest in the heart of the country. Its highlight is the Canopy Walkway, perched 100 feet off the ground. The four metal rope bridges with viewing platforms are perfect to spot high canopy birds. Book here.


Caiman House Field Station

Dedicated to wildlife and avian conservation, Caiman House close to the Yupukari village, is one of the top places to stay for birders. The eco-lodge partners with local and international biologists, herpetologists, and entomologists for ongoing work in the world of conservation. Know more here.


Georgetown Hotels

The city hotels are great to settle into if you’re intent on exploring Georgetown’s green patches and viewing more than 200 species of birds. Day trips to Mahaica and Abary can also be arranged from here. Book Here.


Karanambu Eco Lodge

Formerly a ranch, which has now become a popular eco-lodge endorsed by the likes of Gerald Durrell and David Attenborough, Karanambu is synonymous to conservation. Though well known for its efforts towards river otter conservation, it is also a great place to stay to see birds that use grasslands, riversides and dense forests as their habitat. Book here.


Lake Mainstay

Set amongst the lush countryside and natural awards around the Essequibo River, Lake Mainstay offers a glimpse of coastal plains of the north. It allows for great access to birding sites, which fall along the Atlantic Ocean. Book here.


Rewa Eco Lodge

A community-run eco-lodge provides a window into the local life of Amerindians, in addition to being  an ideal base for birding. A number of birds including herons, cormorants, ibis, storks, hawks, eagles, macaws, owls and others are found in this region. Rewa is also the perfect launch pad for an expedition through rainforest trails in Guyana.


Rockview Lodge

Located at the edge of North Rupununi, Rockview Lodge is central to many birding regions of Guyana. Several lodges and guesthouses here allow easy access and availability of local naturalists. Rockstone is the ideal gateway for both rainforests and grasslands. Book here.


Saddle Mountain Ranch

Tucked away in the heart of the Rupununi savannah, Saddle Mountain is one of the oldest ranches of the region and also a hotspot for different varieties of birds. The Red Siskin is one of the many species that can be spotted here.


Surama Eco Lodge

Situated along the Burro Burro River, the eco-lodge offers the best of rainforest access and riverside treats to see a variety of birds. The lodge is run by the local community and has a great team of naturalists and a wildlife society run by the children of the village. Book here.

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