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Day Long Tours

You can do a lot in only a day!

Georgetown City Tour & Backyard Café



  • Markets of Georgetown
  • Meeting a local chef
  • Tour of Georgetown

Join culinary master, Chef Delven Adams, as he guides you around the Bourda and Stabroek Markets in buying local produce and Guyanese made products to create a delicious meal! Delven will make his purchases with your suggestions and inputs of what you would like to try. He will then head home to start preparing while you will head off on a tour to see the main monuments and museums of Georgetown. Travel through the streets of the city learning about the rich culture and heritage that formed Guyana into the country you see today. See the colonial designed City Hall and Red House, the tallest freestanding wooden building in the world – St. George’s Cathedral, the National Museum and the Botanical Gardens. During the tour there is always the opportunity to purchase that unusual gift or unique Guyanese handicrafts, or for the daring the chance to delve into the gold and diamond market.

After the tour, you will head to the Backyard Café for a late lunch made by Chef Adams. The 3-course meal with an appetizer, entrée, main course and dessert, is sure to amaze you. Expect dramatic fusion flavours between International and Guyanese cuisine. The soothing vibe of the café is another reason, you’ll remember this meal forever.

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Georgetown city tour & Backyard Café
Georgetown at night

Berbice Day Tour


  • Cruising through the Demerara
  • History of New Amsterdam
  • Suriname border

Depart from the capital city of Georgetown early morning for a packed day in the ancient county of Berbice. The journey takes you on a three hour drive along the coast of Demerara heading East. Journey through many villages that were bought by slaves after emancipation in 1838, especially Rosignol Town and market. From here, continue to the historic town of New Amsterdam where you can experience the rich colonial stories the town has to offer.

From New Amsterdam, continue travelling East along the Corentyne coast to Moleson Creek; this is Guyana-Suriname border ferry crossing. Turn around from here and make your way to the 63 Beach, Skeldon Sugar Estate and Skeldon Market.

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A tug boat glides on the river

Mahaica and around



  • Exquisite birds of Guyana
  • Local life around the Mahaica River
  • Howler monkeys and other mammals

The adage “an early bird catches the worm” rings true for birdwatching tours. Start when the night sky is lighting up during your 50 minutes scenic ride from Georgetown. Along the way, enjoy green fields flanking the road and catch glimpses of villages stirring into action.

Upon arriving at Big Baiboo landing, board a 6-seater aluminium boat and begin your birding experience on the Mahaica River. Within the first five minutes of the tour you are bound to see several canje pheasants, (Opisthocomus hoazin), the national bird of Guyana. The Mahaica river is home to a thriving population of these paired-for-life hoatzins, a rare Amazonian bird.

Over 158 species have been counted in this region. Expect to see the ring-necked seedeaters, fly-catchers, kingfishers, yellow orioles, rufous, black hawks, lineated/crimson-crested woodpeckers, kiskadees, cuckoos, hummingbirds and chachalacas to name just a few.

Arriving at the upper section of farmlands along the river, the banks become more densely wooded and are home to two groups of Howler Monkeys. If you are lucky you will also see otters frolicking in the water or caimans basking on the river banks.

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Hoatzin in Mahaica

Along the Essequibo



  • Essequibo River – the largest river of Guyana
  • Fort Island & Dutch history
  • Island retreat to relax

Depart Georgetown and head to Roden Rust, Parika for an 08:00hrs departure along the Essequibo River. Enjoy the historical tour of the Essequibo sites that include Fort Island and Fort Zeelandia, Saxcalli Beach, Tour of Bartica and end with a late lunch at Aruwai H20 Resort. This is a perfect island-hopping tour that takes you through the Dutch history, ending in excellent food and relaxing atmosphere.

For more information, please contact Dagron Tours and Old Fort Tours


Fort Zeelandia
Fort Zeelandia

Kaieteur in a day



  • The majestic Kaieteur Falls
  • Golden frog and Cock-of-the-rock
  • Fly over dense rainforests

Take a trip back to nature and visit the waters of the majestic Kaieteur Falls. Arrive 90 minutes before your flight at the Eugene F. Correia International Airport. It’s an hour’s flight over the Guyana’s lush landscape and wending waterways.

There are many ways to approach the falls. Some pilots keep it hidden and give a big reveal, while other fly directly towards it. When you land at the Kaieteur National Park airstrip, you will spend two hours on the ground walking the trails to see the falls from three main vantage points – Rainbow, Boyscout and Johnson – each better than the other. Your experienced guide will walk you down the history of the falls and help you learn about the flora and fauna around. You may even be lucky to spot a tiny golden frog or the vibrant Guianan cock-of-the-rock.

Come back to the Kaieteur National Park House after the walk for refreshments, and head back to Georgetown.

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Kaieteur Falls thundering down

Kaieteur Day Tour Add-ons

Want more than one magical experience in a day?

Arrowpoint Nature Resort


  • Nature trails with a guide
  • Canoeing in a creek
  • Relaxing in a nature resort

Arrowpoint Nature Resort is named after the many Arrow Trees found in the area, which is used by the Indigenous Peoples to make their arrows for hunting. The Resort is set against the backdrop of the rainforest and is a haven for birdwatchers and nature lovers. More than 350 species of birds have been spotted in the region. Enjoy nature walks, mountain biking, kayaking or simply relax on the beach. The cool backwaters of the Pokerero Creek are ideal for a swim.

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Walking trails around Kaieteur

Baganara Island Resort


  • Rainforest getaway
  • Relaxing in a scenic resort
  • Bartica, the regatta town

Peaceful, exotic and spectacular describe a day spent at the Baganara Island Resort. This is a rainforest getaway located five miles from Bartica on the Essequibo River. The 187 acre private island effortlessly blends the comforts of a scenic retreat with all the fun of an elegant, full-service resort. You can explore the wonders of nature, on walking trails or kayak meandering silently through the creeks.

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Orinduik Falls


  • Stepped waterfall over jasper rocks
  • Border of Brazil
  • Stunning natural backdrop

Venture to the Orinduik Falls where the Ireng River thunders over steps and terraces of solid jasper, a semi precious stone, on the border of Brazil. With a backdrop of the rolling grass covered hills of the Pakaraima Mountains, this is truly one of the most beautiful locations in Guyana’s hinterland. In contrast to Kaieteur, Orinduik is suited for swimming and you will find natural Jacuzzi’s as the falls tumble down the steps of Jasper.

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Arrowpoint Day Excursion


  • Cruising through the Demerara
  • Local life at Santa Mission
  • Nature Trails

Start at 07:00hrs from Roraima Duke Lodge to head to the Timehri Marine. On the hour long drive, enjoy scenic views of the East Bank of the Demerara River, zipping past villages, factories and green sugar cane fields. The boat from Timheri takes you on a 35 mins trip to Santa Mission Amerindian Reservation, where you will be able to purchase handmade crafts. After 30 mins, re-board the boat for a 15 mins trip to Arrowpoint Nature Resort, where you will be greeted by Roraima’s friendly staff. You will then be briefed on the history and safety of the resort while enjoying some locally made Guyanese snacks.

After your refreshment, be prepared to venture on the Wabani Expedition. A short kayaking trip down the river to Lucky Seed Landing. You can also hike or bike the trails back to the resort. After working up an appetite, lunch at 12.00 hours tastes even more delicious.

Post lunch, you can swim, watch the process making cassava bread or relax in a hammock anywhere in the resort. At 16:00hrs prepare to depart Arrowpoint and head back to Georgetown.

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