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Fall in love with Guyana through its food and people

Diversity is the greatest strength of Guyana. The mélange of different ethnicities make dining in the country an extraordinary treat. You have a platter of East Indian cuisines, western-influenced dishes, creole food, African staples and the local Indigenous dishes to choose from. If you’re on a mission to try the quintessential flavours, as a starting point, opt for the Amerindian pepperpot, farine, eggplant dishes, sweet meats, konkie, Chinese fare, metagee and chickpea curries (channa).


The rivers and forests of Guyana contribute immensely to the plates and palates with excellent vegetarian, fish and seafood, and meat options are widely available. Close to the Brazilian border, the Portuguese flavours make an appearance. Tropical weather also means that the country is blessed with bright and flavoursome fruits. The variety is truly awesome ensuring a ready supply at all times from seasonal native fruits to the less common indigenous fruits of the highlands.


Local cuisine at Karanambu Lodge
Local cuisine at Karanambu Lodge

But you don’t have to travel too far for anything. Georgetown’s restaurants are known to serve a variety of dishes for travellers with different tastes. One of the best experiences includes trailing Chef Delven Adams to the market, picking fresh produce and letting him create a magical Guyanese-fusion treat. To beat the heat there’s always refreshing coconut to be had from local vendors.


Backyard cafe
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