Guyana Tourism

Conservation Tourism

Conservation efforts on the ground

Guyana is on a path towards becoming a Green State. This involves embracing tourism that meaningfully contributes to promoting the conservation values of protected areas and species, supporting biodiversity conservation, and improving the wellbeing of local people. In Guyana, you can traverse the ancient, untouched land without harming the delicate ecosystem in a country that strives to protect its vast pristine landscapes. 


Diane McTurk

The country took its first steps towards sustainability under the leadership of the legendary ecotourism stalwart, Diane McTurk. Diane grew up on a cattle ranch in Karanambu and returned in the 70’s to make it a leading eco-lodge. She laid the groundwork for conservation tourism practices to offer visitors delightful experiences in the jungle. Her relentless work in rehabilitating giant otters has been a high benchmark for conservationists and researchers all over the world. Even renowned naturalists and authors like David Attenborough and Gerald Durrell have mentioned Karanambu as a place that has had profound influence on them. Read more about the legacy of Diane McTurk and Karanambu Lodge, which is an essential stop on the rainforest circuit of Guyana. 

View of the rainforest

From big NGOs like Conservation International and WWF Guianas to Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development and the Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society amongst others, there are many organisations that are working towards supporting the growth of conservation and sustainable tourism. This is your chance to make a positive impact on Guyana. Every international visitor travelling into the hinterland helps to further justify the protection of more of its precious ecosystems.

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