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Discover the exotic birdlife in Guyana

More than 900 species of birds have a soft spot for the jungle canopies, coastal plains and golden savannahs of Guyana. It should be no surprise it’s one of the world’s top destinations to spot a mind-boggling number of birds. Visitors to the country will be awestruck by the sheer variety and colours of the birds here. Even if you are a veteran birder, a trip to Guyana will include many first sightings that you can check off your list. During your trip keep an eye out for the colourful hoatzin, Guyana’s glamorous national bird.


Ferruginous backed antbird

Low Coastal Plains

The coastal plains along the Atlantic Ocean, with mangrove protected beaches and forests, are the habitat for a staggering number of bird species. Egrets, ibises, gulls, herons, hawks, tanagers, flycatchers, finches, blackbirds and orioles dot the wild forests, seashores and farmlands. Even, in bustling Georgetown you can regularly spot more than 200 species flying around, perched on roof tops or in the city’s parks.


Harpy Eagle

High Forests

The virgin rainforests of Guyana cover most of the country’s landscape. Naturally, their dense folds are a perfect sanctuary for birds to nest. Treetops that stand hundreds of feet above the ground are hosts to a colourful array of harpy eagles, toucans, parrots, macaws, cotingas, woodpeckers and trumpeters. The otherworldly symphony of their calls will leave you spellbound as you hike through the forest. Amongst the high forests is the Kaieteur National Park, where you can spot the bright orange Guianan cock-of-the-rock. Don’t forget to pack in those zoom lenses and binoculars for the best viewing.


An agami heron

Hilly Sand and Clay Areas

Bounded by the thick rainforest in the south and the open Wetland Grasslands and mangroves in the north, the Hilly Sand and Clay Region is home to a very unique food source – the Doka Tree. This remarkable plant bears a fig like fruit that is favoured by many bird species. Take a trip and gain a chance to see the red breasted blackbird, the buff-necked ibis, the little blue heron and more!       

Interior Savannahs

The dual climate of the Rupununi savannahs – dry grasslands and marshy wetlands after the rains – creates the perfect birdwatching opportunity for amateurs as well as seasoned bird enthusiasts. Hawks, falcons, caracaras, quail, flycatchers, harpy eagles, cock-of-the-rocks and red siskins hold sway during the dry periods. An array of water birds such as storks, ibises and ducks can be seen during the wet months.The rains also bring with it the opportunity to use slim boats to get close to the nesting grounds and observe the birds from up-close.



Cock of the rock
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