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Welcome to the ‘Ancient County’

The Berbice River cuts through its namesake region before rushing into the Atlantic Ocean.  You can still see traces of its colonial history travelling through the countryside. Once the home to thriving sugar plantations, Berbice offers a unique mixture of easy country life and rich colonial heritage. Make New Amsterdam your base for exploring ocean-side villages, the endless flora and fauna of nearby forest, and the cache of historical buildings.

Historical Sites to Behold – New Amsterdam and Canje

From sugarcane and rice to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Along with the adjoining town of Fort Nassau, New Amsterdam is a haven of colonial architecture and history. Take a walk through the town and experience the scenery of the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, Town Hall, Mission Chapel Congregation Church and more. They are absolutely worth a visit.


New Amsterdam and Around
New Amsterdam and around

The area near the Canje River has some notable monuments to stop by. Guyana’s former President, Cheddi Jagan and his wife, Janet, are laid to rest at the Babu Jan (John) Cemetery. The Rose Hall Martyrs’ Memorial and Town Monument recognise the struggles and sacrifices of generations of sugar workers whose contribution have brought about many positive changes in workers living and working conditions. A stroll by the 19th-century Cumberland Open Air Mosque is also recommended.


Canjie River Bridge
Canje River Bridge


This Indigenous village provides visitors an opportunity to sample a flavour of local life in close proximity to flora and fauna. This is the perfect place to meet local people who coexist in harmony with nature. There are plenty of hiking trails to choose from to explore the region at your own pace.

Wanotobo Resort

Reserve ample time to take long boat trip to the Wanotobo Resort, the ideal spot to explore the forest and waterfalls or go for a dip in a local swim hole. Iguana Island is the highpoint for most, where you can see hundreds of the amphibians mating in September. For those interested in history, a visit to ancient Amerindian petroglyphs close by provides a rich insight into the history of the land stretching thousands of years back.

Cow Falls Resort

Glide in the Corentyne waters to reach the Cow Falls Resort for a complete ‘back-to-nature’ experience. Camping at Zambi Island, birdwatching, swimming in slim creeks, fishing for lukananis and exploring the forests around are the absolute highlights here.

The Magic of 63 Beach

Only one and a half hours from Georgetown, No. 63 Beach is a favorite with locals. This large swath of sand is the perfect spot for swimming, picnicking, water sports or simply soaking up the sun and lively atmosphere.


Children playing cricket on No. 63 Beach
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