Local Travel Providers

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Local Travel Providers

We recommend that you plan your trip according to the activities that you are most interested in and use a local operator to help book all aspects. Internet and phone connectivity in the rainforest and mountainous areas can be a challenge, so it is best to let someone on the ground handle the arrangements for you.

Adventure Guianas

Sport fishing, nature tours, wildlife spotting, overland treks to Roraima
and Kaieteur, the 3 Guianas and more.
W: www.adventureguianas.com
P: (592)227-4713
E: navinroopnarain@yahoo.com

Odyssey Sightseeing

Trips throughout Guyana’s rainforests, cities and cultural hotspots from city trips to river tours and rainforest holidays.
W: www.odysseysightseeing.com
P: (592)223-2471
E: odysseysightseeing@gmail.com

Bushmasters Limited

Wilderness survival, wildlife spotting, exploratory trips to undiscovered
destinations, adventure sports including horseback riding, rock
climbing, whitewater kayaking and more.
W: www.bushmasters.co.uk
P: (592)-682-4175
E: ian@bushmaster.co.uk; amazon@bushmaster.co.uk

Old Fort Tours

Boat tours along the Essequibo River with focus on Dutch history,
nature, local experiences and fun, as well as tours to Kaieteur Falls, the
Rupununi and coast.
W: www.oldforttours.com
P: (592)225-1035
E: oldforttours@gmail.com

Dagron Tours International

Birding, wildlife spotting, outdoor adventures, cultural hotspots, the 3
Guianas, and more.
W: www.dagron-tours.com
P: (592)223-7921, (592)227-1174, (592)617-1465
E: reservations@dagron-tours.com

Roraima Tours

Offering flights and accommodation packages, getaways from
Georgetown, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and day tours
combining Kaieteur with Orinduik falls.
W: www.roraimaairways.com
P: (592)225-9648, (592)225-9646
E: marketing.roraimaairways@gmail.com

Evergreen Adventures Inc

Birding, wildlife spotting, adventure travel, cultural experiences, day
tours combining Kaieteur with Orinduik or Iwokrama and more.
W: www.evergreenadventuresgy.com
P: (592)222-2525, (592)226-0264
E: reservations@evergreeadventuresgy.com

Wilderness Explorers

25 years of experience creating handcrafted itineraries with inclusion of lodges, villages, educators, local guides, conservation programs, and NGO’s to promote conservation and community tourism benefits. Local sales office for Europcar.
W: www.wilderness-explorers.com
P: (592)227-7698 (Guyana), 44-07958-218784 (UK Representative)
E: info@wilderness-explorers.com


Trips throughout the Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve for wildlife
photographers, nature lovers, scientists, researchers, students,
birdwatchers and fishermen.
W: www.iwokrama.org
P: (592)225-1504
E: camarcus@iwokrama.org


Arrowpoint Nature Resort
Lake Mainstay and Around
Surama and Carahaa Landing Experience
Arrowpoint Day Excursion